Flesh Wounds to Fatalities

Forgive the scars 

They themselves are not an art 

Created from the aesthetic parts 

Of a human brain and heart 

It is hard to part 

with shame 

And regret 

If you refuse to forgive and forget 

Your part in the game 

That led to whatever pain 

You may be facing now 

Or any day to come 

Life is complicated enough

You win some, you lose some 

The message is consistent 

All across the board.

Life is one part pain and one part beauty.

What I’ve learned 

Is the one is so much easier to bear 

Without shame and guilt 

Added to to the marinara 

Of emotions 

In which I often soak.

I feel as if I have awoke

From a sleep I did not even know 

I was having. 

You cannot know what you are missing 

If it was never there to begin with 

I don’t believe in fate 

I believe There are all kinds of injuries promised 

Along the way 

And a similar demise for all who may 


While Many fear and stray 

I am trying to learn to trust, hope and pray 

From flesh wounds to fatalities 

Love is easier to carry than hate. 

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