Marie Sinclair

Marie Sinclair
Marie Sinclair, Artist,

Marie Sinclair, Artist

Marie Elizabeth Sinclair of Hamilton, ON discovered her passion for artistic expression when she was an adolescent living in Lethbridge, AB. As a young child Marie lived all over Canada and in Mali, West Africa with her family. Marie is familiar with short stories, spoken word, poetry, pencil, acrylic, polymer clay, card making, & photography. As well as having a natural talent for art Marie has completed the online class: Learn to draw with Patricia Watwood, A photography workshop through Centre 3 & attended an open art studio for youth regularly for several years where she was able to experiment & learn with many different mediums.

Marie Sinclair
Marie Sinclair, image for Biography

Marie has a blog @ where she regularly shares her poetry and creations and was also featured in an art exhibit in 2015 at 126 James St N. Marie’s art in all forms is an expression of her joy & spirituality.

Her work today focuses on inspirations that arise from shifting the perspective on the mundane things in everyday life & expressing messages of hope, gratitude, and empowerment.

Through significant challenges with mental health and addiction Marie’s affinity for creativity has always found, fueled and healed her.

Artwork, Poetry
23 August 2021

Marie’s talent shines brightly through some dark paths that she has traversed and is still travelling upon. She takes us by the hand and shares her heart and soul; fearful, overcoming stigma and shame. Bravely, she displays it all out there perhaps allowing others to find their own paths in their own darkness.

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  1. Nelly Sinclair says:

    It is so good to have one organized place that showcases Marie’s artistic abilities so well! I love to spend time here.

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