C’mon Princess

Silly silly girl 

Stop taking yourself so seriously 

In a world where there is good and bad 

Why are you so shocked To

Get a taste of both? 

Your pain is real and valid 

But it is not everything.

It is not in charge, 

You may have been knocked down, 

It may be uncomfortable to live sometimes,

You martyr! 

You drama queen!

Stop reading fairy tales and expecting happy endings 

There will be an end 

One day 

But it doesn’t need to be so front and center in your brain. 

Feel the pain 

I promise 

It’s gonna be fine.

No more silly jokes about rides to the morgue 

Don’t be consumed 

Emotions serve a purpose 

But sometimes they can hide the bigger picture. 

So recognize, express, accept 

And move along 

Do not dally –  

Do not wallow.

Swallow the self pity,

It is familiar but useless, 

And harmful. 

Don’t be a victim 

Silly girl 

You are capable

Of so much more!

It’s not hopeless 

Until you stop trying 

Fighting is always something you’ve been good at. 

Rise to the challenge 

Cmon princess,

Melt your crown into A sword! 

Turn your experiences into armour, 

Your future awaits 

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