Slaying Dragons

Let’s get real for a moment guys – this poem has an incredibly important message. When someone is experiencing untreated ptsd, depression, anxiety or any mental illness for a long period of time it can become your new norm. When these things are all you know you start to accept them and see them as a part of you. The behaviours that emerge from mental illnesses can seem like Character defects and failings instead of what they are, symptoms.
Don’t ever stop fighting for wellness.
It’s worth it.

Eleven Months

Eleven months of sobriety came and went quietly. At 11 months I pause to remember the suffering, to allow it to sit. I remember then so I can appreciate even more, the now. So I can remember why I have to pursue mindfulness and healing now and always.

Taking Up Space

Kardinal Official played background music to my adolescence – What does this make you think, feel?
Lets get real for a minute –
Shatter the expectations – and who’s expectations?
Love yourself so loudly that it drowns out all the unhealthy messages that we encounter on a daily basis.
YOU ARE ENOUGH, just the way you are.
One day I will believe this too, sometimes I already do.

A Kinetic Orchestra

Calling all runners!
What kind of physical activities keep you healthy, body and mind?

This poem came to my while I was doing my morning jog. I tried to create the rhythm of a run with the words and draw a picture of the magic that running is for me.

Balance Ballet

This latest poem dives into the murky waters of disordered eating, poor body image, and the struggle to love ourselves as we are.
I find it even harder to post about my struggle with food, then my struggle with alcohol. I hope my vulnerability speaks to someone who needs to hear they aren’t alone!
There is help and there is hope!