A Love Equation

If belonging

Was an equation 

And love was a puzzle 

I can see that all the pieces are there 

And everything fits 

And yet in my reality 

I am the hypocrite 

That chases the dragon 



I am running 

Not walking 

Both Away and towards 

This terrible beauty 

My life’s bane

My reason for joy 

And my reason for pain

And it never ends 

My relentless pursuit of love 

The one thing I am unable to ever have a real grasp of 

 Loving and desiring love 

Go together 

Like a Hand in a glove 



Attachment loyalty 


and a sense of affinity 

The validity 

Creates possibility

I believe we have an inherit responsibility 

To love each other 

 And use respect 

And dignity 

In our actions and interactions 

Be a light 

Let love be your guide 

I am not alone, I think 

In struggling with seeking and finding 




All I of the above:

A basic human need. 

So beautiful 

You can see 

Inspiring artists through out ages 

Who weave into the stories 

Inscribed through the pages 

Of the history books 

And fantasies 

We use to inspire 

And fuel the fire 

We continue 

To fan the flames of desire 

In this quest to love and be loved 

I fear I will never tire 

All of those that have come before 

Create a funeral pyre 

But I do not grieve 

It was right for them to come and it is right for some to leave 

 I found peace in the presence 

Of a special few 

And they let me stay 

And helped me form who

I am today 

It was a love ballet 

Dancing or physics 

In the end 

We’re all critics 

Life isn’t mathematics

This isn’t suasion

 What is X 

In this love equation ?

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