I am swirling 



Tossed in the waves 

Of my reality 

The actuality 

That I created 

Destruction of my own design

The stars didn’t align 

Like I’d hoped 

Nothing will ever feel 

Okay again 

Not even playing pretend 

Will make this cruel joke 

Speed to the punch line 

I act like dying 

Isn’t something that terrifies me 

And that being loved 

Isn’t what inspires me 

To keep on going 

When there seems no purpose 

May the powers that be 

Have pity 

On my soul 

I may not be whole 

But what I am I have struggled for

And you will regret underestimating 

What I bring to the  table 

You think your compassion 

Continues to enable 


But it is the key in the ignition 

Of my ambition 

I was born incomplete 

But I learned to make due 

I found external forces 

To help me get through 

You are crippled 

And stunted 

By your inability 

To confront the 

Idea that I might be on to something 

There is one thing 

You have taught me 

That sometimes 

With some people 

Doing the right thing 

Will only make them try to hurt you more 

And sometimes you have to fight dirty 

To show that your worthy 

Of a little respect .

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