What a chaotic design I am

Like someone took 3 different puzzles and forced the pieces

Together all wrong 

I knew all along that I was different 

But the mess inside my head

Is spilling out onto the floor of my room 

And the counters of my kitchen 

The disarray shouts at me from behind my closet doors

Avoid avoid avoid 

I am frayed at the edges and coming undone 

The faster I unravel the faster I run 

In the opposite direction 

You can’t catch me 

BecAuse I’m not really here 

I’ve already moved on 

To the next moment

The next cigarette 

 Tie that tournaquette 

around my bleeding


these emotions have me raw and  aching 

They say happiness is mine for

The taking 



The keys for

The making 

Of a healthy me 

But let’s face it I’m mired so deep 

All these bad habits I could

Do in my sleep 

What is the risk if I am willing? 

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