When God is Silent

When god is silent
Foreboding rises like the crest of a wave within my soul

Frustration splashes and sprays salty sea foam

I find myself soaked through to the bone –

Afloat atop grace in an ocean of my own sinking

Flounder and flail

These wandering feet lead me into the farthest corners of my being

Heaven and hell

Eternity is both then and now

This bustle of living creates a push and pull

This undertow of the tide like breathing

When god is silent

His silence stretches through me

Till I hear my own petulant cries echo back

We are Grand Canyons of humanity

You and I

When god is silent

I learn to allow silence too,

In relentless pursuit

I go in with with safety glasses and tear this divide of my own choosing

When god is silent

His silence is a message too

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