Wallflower to Vibrant Garden Rose

She was a Wallflower

who chose to become empowered

blending and bending

unaware of the messages

that this was sending,

to others – but mostly herself

and the path she was a strollin’

she could see would not lead, clearly,

to a happy ending.

Change isn’t always fast.

Acceptance is a CHOICE

She had to choose both

if she wanted the growth

that would follow

She had been hollow for far to long

so she sang her surrender song

Sometimes she felt stained by darkness

and the inky stains left upon her heart

she learned to cope through release into her art

She poured her soul into paintings,

Her hummingbird thoughts crashed upon the page

creative expression was the key

to finally set her FREE

from the lifestyle that had become her cage.

She often felt afraid,

recalibrating she would say.

Sometimes coping feels like , “I can’t!”

– and then you’ve made it through another day.

Words are not wind if you act and follow through

As she learned these basic fundamentals

the world became less cold and cruel.

With a desire to live as fuel

No longer background noise,

She had found her voice

From wallflower to vibrant garden rose

this girl continues to heal and grow

It is about the journey NOT the end

NEVER to be silent again.

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