Trying To Get Blood From A Rock

Upon deaf ears, fall your pathetic cries;

Flogging a dead mount, far beyond the moment it dies;

Trying to get blood from rock, will you ever realize?

Which of us is more the fool?  the one who believes his own lies?

Or the one who fell for her own disguise 

Kind to the point of detriment 

Arrogant to the point of foolishness 

We cannot see eye to eye 

Because we are living in completely different worlds 

Just a boy and a girl 

And magic unfurls 

When bodies collide 

In silence we fuse together 

Our souls untethered 

We soar 

Any storm can be weathered 

But the serene 

Is disturbed 

Like a rock in a pond 

The minute your lips 


Your voice cuts through the silence 

My ears bleed 

Again my futile pleas 

Fall upon deaf ears 

Flogging a dead mount 

Far beyond this moment it dies 

Incapable of compromise

Fill circle 

You idolize yourself. 

I want no part 

Of this debauchery!

You make a mockery 

Of anyone who comes to close.

Fight flight or freeze are complex trauma responses, 

You are a frozen fighter 

Blowing out someone else’s flame 

Will not make yours 

Shine brighter,

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