There’s a Virus

There’s a virus
They say
It’s all around us
I’ve heard
But we were sick
Long before COVID-19
Could even exist
This invisible hitchhiker
Waiting to
Catch a ride that might not even affect you
Until you hug family good bye
And you don’t
Know but it will be the final time
It’s also hard
Sometimes to be logical
But every store that shuts it door
Leaves conformation in it’s echos
That things are changing
And something is wrong
Everybody remains inside
Trying to hide
And the stillness is the most frightening
As if the entire world is holding its breath
Waiting to see
If humanity
Has what it takes
To adapt and survive
Or embrace mass hysteria and stock up on tp
The news is a bustle of constant updates
The death count rises
what I fear the most isn’t the virus
But what has been living inside us
A different kind of
And maybe this pandemic
We need this
This is mother natures revolution
Not the problem like you think
but potentially a

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