The Storm

Wrapped tightly

Like a babe

In silk sheets black as night

The sky

Dark and gloomy

Sulked and stormed

The clouds opened

The bones of the earth groaned

In chorus

With the wind

Howl the world

Into a complete whiteness

Roads lined with mountains

Man no match for nature’s fury -Or her Grace !

Crawling cars keep pace

With desperate fellow man

Coat pulled tight around ears

In stomping stubbornness the world spins on

Responsibilities wait for no storm or struggle

Embraced with glee

By leaping curly haired pups

And the shining eyes of children

Gifted a day free from studies –

Full instead of sledding

Snowball fights

Red noses

Sweet sticky hot chocolate

A city slowed but not stopped –

Stooping under heavy powdered crystals,

Rumbles and swells with breath –

Stands and shakes itself off

Shovels gripped as weapons

We Carry on

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