The Passage Of Time

Oh! How time flies,

And the miracles that happen

In our bodies and minds

As we change and grow

And discover our potential.

The entire process is absolutely essential

How is it even possible

That I love my body more now

Even with the way gravity pulls

And the way age fades and dulls.

My belly button frowns now

But my lips smile –

They have for a while

I am no longer a stranger

In this bag of bones

That holds my heart and soul

I am a walking miracle

Broken & completely battered

Yet still completely whole

Saved by grace

My body is a canvass

You can trace

The pivotal moments in my journey

I feel as though they are mapped

Into ever scar and wrinkle.

I wasted my youth

Fearing time and age

But only IN time,

WITH age,

Did I learn the beauty & magic

Of change.

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