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a lurch, click a hum
the train bumps groans and glides into motion
the thrum of wheels on steel
a metronome counting blurred trees flying
by glass window flush against cheek
a mechanical voice announces the next destination
as the train hiccups to a halt
green and white doors wave open and closed
beckoning fellow travelers
into padded blue seats
the chatter of conversation swells
vocal cords, air an instrument that babbles and bursts peals of laughter stop and start
the flow of people like a tide streams out
streams in
a man in a kilt stands
a lone passenger

buried in glowing cellphone screen

earphones poking out beneath stringy hair

without looking up he takes the stairs down two at a time exiting in another swell of doors open
doors close
the train bumps groans and glides
lurching a rhythm to strangers’ lives intertwined
then left behind

2 thoughts on “The Go Train FREE VERSE”

  1. Kelly says:

    Great poem, thanks!
    really enjoyed the verbal imagery…

    1. Discord says:

      Thank you for your feedback Kelly! Hearing thoughts and feelings in response to my writing is one of my favourite things.

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