Taking Up Space

Why do I feel more appreciated 

When my body is small

Why does it seem like the end- all -be- all 


Around the amount of space that I take up

I have been big 

& I have been light 

Why is it assumed 

Skinny = healthy 

I feel the shift in their attitudes towards me 

As I drop pounds the way I drop my self respect 

For your approval

I get compliments now 

& smiles Everywhere I go 

I was beautiful before too

That body brought me here 

Why do I have to fear 


Fat isn’t a fate worse then death!

Dangerous by kardinal official 

Played background music to my adolescence 

We are a generation of women who long to be beautiful AND desired

My boots with the fur – have long been retired 

Your validation is NO LONGER required 

I am only a girl 

Who changes sizes like shoes 

& I feel my insignificance 

How are we all so indifferent 

My indignation rises 

With every cat call and compliment 

Why does he comment 

On my body like it’s produce

Or a car, driving down the street 

I imagine myself sweep 

All the broken pieces of the different versions of myself 

That I shattered and left behind 

I strive daily 

To take up as much space as I can find 

Maybe I can give some of mine 

To someone who hasn’t found theirs, yet 

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