Balance Ballet

This latest poem dives into the murky waters of disordered eating, poor body image, and the struggle to love ourselves as we are.
I find it even harder to post about my struggle with food, then my struggle with alcohol. I hope my vulnerability speaks to someone who needs to hear they aren’t alone!
There is help and there is hope!

The Truth Bus

The cold hard facts…

Cause and effect
desperate actions cause for desperate measures
all behaviours have consequences
It’s fucking gravity…

Lit Cigarettes

This poem was written when i was truly in the depths of despair, mired very deep in my addiction and really struggling to see a way out!

Slightly Flammable

Flame retardant referring not to a family of chemicals
but a specific function:
to stop or slow down the flames

My Roommate

fast lane, fast cars
long lines and dive bars
motorcars, guitars, and writing memoirs
of a prodigal daughter
and I walk like a lamb to the slaughter