Taking Up Space

Kardinal Official played background music to my adolescence – What does this make you think, feel?
Lets get real for a minute –
Shatter the expectations – and who’s expectations?
Love yourself so loudly that it drowns out all the unhealthy messages that we encounter on a daily basis.
YOU ARE ENOUGH, just the way you are.
One day I will believe this too, sometimes I already do.

Balance Ballet

This latest poem dives into the murky waters of disordered eating, poor body image, and the struggle to love ourselves as we are.
I find it even harder to post about my struggle with food, then my struggle with alcohol. I hope my vulnerability speaks to someone who needs to hear they aren’t alone!
There is help and there is hope!

Growing Pains

I am not where I came from
I am also not yet where I am going
I am in an awkward stage
That comes with growing…