Memories of Mali: Part 1

Poetry has healed me in so many ways. I am now embarking on a new journey with poetry, using it to capture my experiences and memories.

I would love to hear your feedback!

Eleven Months

Eleven months of sobriety came and went quietly. At 11 months I pause to remember the suffering, to allow it to sit. I remember then so I can appreciate even more, the now. So I can remember why I have to pursue mindfulness and healing now and always.

Acceptance, We Meet Again

Some days acceptance is harder then others. I am prone to fighting and fretting instead of releasing and accepting – Its never to late to surrender again.
I write to remind,
myself and anyone else who needs to hear this today, too.


Fitbit is a satyrical piece that is meant to make you reflect.
Ask yourself the tough questions.

The Incredible Act Of

For my Uncle Grant, you have held my hand on this journey of rebirth.

Who do you love, and how do you take action?


Sometimes it is hard to see the value in the struggles we face, other times it is so crystal clear to me ALL I have gained in wisdom, joy, and experience. Perspective is a poem celebrating the ability to change our perspective!