Seasonal Affective Disorder

With winter comes the winter blues, this year it caught me off guard. This year I am sober, and wiser, and I have so many skills and tools and so much support. This year SAD will not destroy everything I have worked so hard for.

Here is my poem and sketch about SAD.

Taking Up Space

Kardinal Official played background music to my adolescence – What does this make you think, feel?
Lets get real for a minute –
Shatter the expectations – and who’s expectations?
Love yourself so loudly that it drowns out all the unhealthy messages that we encounter on a daily basis.
YOU ARE ENOUGH, just the way you are.
One day I will believe this too, sometimes I already do.


Fitbit is a satyrical piece that is meant to make you reflect.
Ask yourself the tough questions.

Fighting For Freedom

This piece was also designed for the Youth Wellness Center. It is a piece about resilience, mental illness, and fighting for health.

Breaking Barriers

I designed this piece a few years back for the Youth Wellness Center. The title really says it all.