The Incredible Act Of

For my Uncle Grant, you have held my hand on this journey of rebirth.

Who do you love, and how do you take action?


Sometimes it is hard to see the value in the struggles we face, other times it is so crystal clear to me ALL I have gained in wisdom, joy, and experience. Perspective is a poem celebrating the ability to change our perspective!

If Tulips Could Talk

I am here today
Because the roots of my rearing held fast…

A new piece that really dives in the different factors that play a part in the diagnosis of BPD intertwined with my personal experience of navigating its complexities.

Balance Ballet

This latest poem dives into the murky waters of disordered eating, poor body image, and the struggle to love ourselves as we are.
I find it even harder to post about my struggle with food, then my struggle with alcohol. I hope my vulnerability speaks to someone who needs to hear they aren’t alone!
There is help and there is hope!