Sometimes it is hard to see the value in the struggles we face, other times it is so crystal clear to me ALL I have gained in wisdom, joy, and experience. Perspective is a poem celebrating the ability to change our perspective!

If Tulips Could Talk

I am here today
Because the roots of my rearing held fast…

A new piece that really dives in the different factors that play a part in the diagnosis of BPD intertwined with my personal experience of navigating its complexities.

My Roommate

fast lane, fast cars
long lines and dive bars
motorcars, guitars, and writing memoirs
of a prodigal daughter
and I walk like a lamb to the slaughter

A Time Bomb

I am a time bomb ticking
and every tick tock
brings me closer to detonation

Solid Ground

When the ground is always shifting
Below your feet you
Learn to find the solid things
And keep
Them close to you