Stubborn Surrender

I worked my SO hard

I’m not going to lie,

I did everything in my power

just to get high.

A force to be reckoned with:

The kind made of desperation, self loathing

and hard headed stubbornness.

Now as i begin to try

I realize there is only one way to come out alive –

and not just alive,

but thriving and soaring and HAPPY,

really genuinely happy!

The answer doesn’t lie, as one would assume

In life’s fields as an epic battle

the clash of swords or demons teeth.

The answer lies in the sweet surrender

found only in humility.

I am that old dog, struggling to learn new tricks

and when your fists

have been clenched for so long

it feels almost wrong to


Let Go.

Baptize yourself in splendour

As hard as I fought to use

Is as hard as I’ll fight to surrender.

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