Solid Ground

Solid Ground

My poetry
Will be the key
That finally unlocks
Inside of me
The ability
To rewrite my destiny
You could track my progress
In the stars
In the process of finding myself
I had to go so far
Down the darkest paths
And the ultimate flaw in my design
Are the cognitive distortions
That cloud my mind
The thought loops
The glitches
The forgetfulness
And the switches
In the fundamental basic foundation
Of who I am
When the ground is always shifting
Below your feet you
Learn to find the solid things
And keep
Them close to you
I am a shambled makeshift
Of all the people that let
Me share their solid ground
Along the way
I found
I continue to find
As my brain resets
Or I start to forget
The battle to be in control
Of my mind
I realize there will be many phases
But this will always be
An uphill battle
Just get back in the saddle
I will never stop trying to
Heal and grow
Armed and ready
My words as weaponry
Using the people that steady
FINALLY on solid ground
And this particular ground may still have terrain with slippery slopes
But the stability that it gives
Brings so much hope
I AM learning to cope
With my flaws
I am painfully aware I will never deserve it
I’m just thankful
You all saw
Something worth it
In me.

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