Slightly Flammable

Flame retardant 

Referring not to a family of

Chemicals but a specific function: to stop or slow down the flames 

So quick before I’m nothing but ashes 

Flat grey powdery ashes

Snowing ashes 


Give me something to satiate this burning desire 

This self destructive fire 

Red Hot whispering tongues lapping up the oxygen in the air 

I see raw blistering arms in the flames the longer i stare 


Oxygen is over rated 

I can barely breathe anyway 

Every breath agonizing 

And the harder I try the faster I burn alive 

Because oxygen feeds fire 

And you’d think by now I’d have learned 

You can’t play with fire without  being burned

And even as the fire blazes 

I worship the flames and dance in amazement 

Consume me alive 

Purify my soul 

let the flames make me whole.

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