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Slaying Dragons

I was chronically ill
From adolescence well into adulthood
At 26
I realized I had spent more then half my life
With the beast of mental illness
Playing a major part
In the development of my personality
At 26 I realized
The beast had became a dragon
With 3 heads
Each emerging out of necessity
Survival the only goal
Resulting in total
Fire burned in the belly of the beast
Impending inevitable
I slayed each head
One at a time
At 26
I realized
Suffering is not the main component of living
Struggling is part but not ALL
Survival should only be temporary
As a healthy person –
What strange words to use to describe myself!
I forget sometimes
I fall into a pattern of coping
And feel the familiar walls closing
Until I remember – it doesn’t have to be like this
I have tasted wholeness
I have sipped on peace
I know the difference now
Between illness and wellness
And the symptoms can overwhelm us
But they are merely a sign
To shift, realign
For those of you that struggle still
Do not accept your suffering
Life doesn’t have to be that way!
Mental illness is not a defect of character
You can heal.
Pursue your peace
I didn’t know
But now I do, and you can too.

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  1. Nelly Sinclair says:

    Slay the beast!

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