Simply No, Simply Go

When you asked if I was ok 

I should have told you 

Simply, no 

Simply, go 


From this place 

My heart is not safe 

in your hands.

They say god laughs 

When you make plans. 

I just don’t understand 

How you cannot see 

That The way you treated me 

Was not okay. 

I am not a fool !

For being someone 

That loves hard and freely 

Even when it so clearly 

Was not matched.

I want you to know 

That I am learning 

That things aren’t black and white 

Sometimes the wonderful things hurt you and the painful things make them right.

I want you to be bad 

Because you hurt me, 

More than I can ever say. 

I cannot handle these shades of grey 

You did not betray me 


Then I betrayed myself.

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