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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Like the sun

The summer rose and set 

Joy soaked days came to an end 

As the cold crept in 

Sadness followed suit

We traded sandals 

For boots and gloves 

Passion for pessimism 

Discouragement settled on the ground 

A prelude to snow 

And the hottest baths 

Or the thickets blankets 

Could not make it go 

The trees prepared 

But even their leaves the colour of the sunset could not brighten up the grey of the clouds

Or the sidewalks

Or my heart

I clutch my gratitudes in my hands

Like a rosary 

Sometime between moments

There was a shift 

Passive but persistent 

Now it is SO much harder to lift

My chin 

And try again 

  And again 

     And again 

For even if I am not ready for this night 

To come 

I must hang on to the reality that there will ALWAYS be 

Another day

And another summer sun 

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