Rose Coloured Glasses

I built it up in my mind

to be better then it was

A fantastic kind of love.

I was wearing rose-coloured glasses

and wishing on fake eye lashes –

The way the light reflected

scattered millions of rainbows across my vision,

It was the perfect image

In my brain.

But light reflects of everything different

and when i tilt my head

the image changes

twisted and strange,

warped in ways,

I tried to ignore the signs

Which happens to be a wonderful way

to end up going in the wrong direction.

A little reflection really pulls back the curtain

made up of red flags

sewed together with optimism, hope

and a little bit of glass half full.

Insecurities too!

Its not true –

that wishing on a star will make your dreams come true.

YOU make your own reality,

YOU decide who and what is you.

Sometimes your mind

needs to be realigned

just in time! –

to save you, from yourself

For the sake of your health

get an engine check, change the oil

before you boil over and can’t take it back

You werent a mistake, perhaps

but you also weren’t as great,

as I built you up to be:

Mountains out of mole hills

and all that jazz

I’m literally black and blue

flogging a dead horse

but thats right on course

If the shoe doesn’t fit DON’T force it

Leave the door open,

and your mind ajar

keep the glass half full

and the painful memories far

from the sensitive part of your heart,

Rose Coloured Glasses have their purpose.

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