Praise Poetry

How do I not praise God 

For the carryings on 

Inside my brain 

In the absence of pain 

There is joy

I speak often of bursting at the seams 

And crashing into pieces 

And I must seek these familiar adjectives once again 

In my pursuit to take a verbal screenshot 

Of this happiness 



That leaks from me 

At all my seams 

I am saturated 


Amazed at my bodies 


To heal and grow and learn and change 




Are real 

These things are possible 

I didn’t choose to heal 

I gave up many times 

And yet here I remain 

I feel like the cat 

Who keeps coming back 

But stronger and better 

And smarter 

And loved 

I could not save myself 

I could not forgive myself 

And my faith is just a mustard seed 

I am learning to be humble 

And let him lead 

All that was impossible 

Has come to be 

And the bible vs comes to memory

I can do all things 

Through him who strengthens me !

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