Please Return To Sender

I’m sorry Sir but there’s been some mistake 

This is one gift that I cannot take, 

I will not sign on the dotted line, 

Please return to sender. 

An error has occurred, your information is incorrect 

I’m really not sure what you expect…. 

Please return to sender. 

I surrender!

It’s only been a seven day bender, 

somehow I’ve fallen so far 

That I have to look up 

To even see rock bottom. 

They say don’t shoot the messenger but I almost shot ’em. 

I catch feelings 

The way some catch a cold 

And it’s getting old 

Being so sensitive to the elements: 





It’s all just more then one can bear. 


Return to sender…. 

Occupant has vacated the premises 

Address is N/A

The girl you are looking for? 

She’s gone, 

Long gone.

She won’t be back. 

Please. return. to sender. 

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