My sickness forces me to seek

Constant healing

Constant help

Constant hope

I am so thankful for my sickness

It forces me to face my flaws

Real and raw

I must confront


& forgive

All the parts of me that live

My body

My brain

My behaviours

Pull back the skin

Layer by layer

I wouldn’t have ever dug so deep

If my sickness had not set in motion

Such suffering

A rude awakening that I wouldn’t now trade for a n y t h i n g

I wake up everything morning and recite the AA 3rd step prayer

I give for just today

My thoughts and actions to my higher power

I am here because he allowed a

wretch like me

To have s u c h a sickness

That it set me free

One thought on “Perspective”

  1. Nelly Sinclair says:

    Thank you Marie, for such wonderful words.
    It is so hard and so good and so true.

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