Our Time

I dress up my words 

In silly hats and coats 

Anything to sound 

Like I know what I’m talking about. 

I try on phrases 

Like I try on dresses 

Before a night out.

If you truly understand something 

You can explain it again 

In a different way 

If someone doesn’t understand 

You can always say 

It clearer through an example or analogy 

My heart fists 

And brain alphagetti! 

Do you see what I mean ?

All I want is you to be ready 

To accept

Who I really am –

To understand 

And relate.

Experience the world through my eyes! 

No judgement, shhhh, just empathize. 

The world keeps spinning 

It’s a giant shit show. 

We make a bigger impact than we can ever know. 

So go big or go home

Hit the road jack and if you can’t own up then don’t come back 

You are responsible for the ripples that you create 

I believe you design you’re destiny or fate 

This world is what you make it 

And words are the key 

That unlock and awaken it 

It is your time

Your time to make it

what you want your life to be.

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