One Line Two Line Three Line Four

One drag two drag three drag four 

I thought I could handle what was behind the door 

One drink two drink more and more 

I found something I liked that I had never felt before 

Never satisfied

Always searching the higher you go the less your hurting 

But I find the farther you fall 

I’ve been attempting walking tall 

A little girl dressed up and playing pretend 

But to what end?! 

No one can hurt you if you just don’t care –

But I actually do

And when the drugs leave your system your worst nightmares are

Coming true 

Served up on a silver platter 

Just as you ordered 

One line two line three line four 

The powder burns and the drips make your voice hoarse 

And your throat soar. 

Pedal to the floor,

Learn to adore your suffering 

Because that

Is all you’re going to have left… 

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