Ode To The Lady Who Cut My Hair

Ode to the lady 

That made me feel like I was a whole person

Deserving of human kindness 

And compassion 


I walked in a cess pit of angst and despair 

Crawling with regrets 

Hair tangled 

Heart mangled 

She combed out my fears 

And washed my hair like she was pulling taffy 

Snip snip snip 

My self hatred falls to the floor with the wisps of dead ends 

This wasn’t just a trip 

For a trim 

This was an apology to myself 

And what a super power 

To be able to take absolute garbage 

And make it sparkle and glow 

Uncover potential and help it shine through 

Honestly to the ladies that made me feel beautiful again 

Thank you 

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