No Vacancy

The clouds have cleared

He dried up the fog –

I let go and let God

& he dried me up too.

I experience clarity now

On a regular basis

I can see how I have had a pattern

Of relationships

That have complicated my clarity.

For me, Single is a rarity.

I longed for love

But not the Biblical kind

That is patient

And always protects and perseveres.

There were many fears

Nipping at my ankles

As I entangled myself

Time after time

I put my heart on the line

It didn’t matter if it was right –

It was MINE!

& I knew best.

I found attention & lust

& called it love –

It has always been easy

To tie myself down

But the real challenge for me is found

In not committing

In admitting

That I need time to grow.

For now all of the rooms of my heart

Are full.

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