My Roommate

My roommate 

Is of the intolerable sort 

Never doing dishes 

And rent money always falling short 

Abort abort abort 

Can you do that at 28 years 

I’m pro choice 

And pro use your voice 

But I think it’s to late 

For fucks sake 

Who’s even writing this shit?

I give you no stars 

Fast lane fast cars 

Long lines 

And dive bars 

Motorcars, guitars 

Writing memoirs 

Of a prodigal daughter 

And I walk 

Like a lamb to the slaughter 

The curtain falls 

I wish it all 

Was just a movie 

I could hit pause 

Or power 

Or fuck it hit the plug 

Smash the tv 

Never again 

Will I be consumed 

By such evil 

Believe it 

This is a new leaf 

That I have turned 

That same intolerable roommate 

Left water by my bed 

And washed my hair 

And took my make up off  

When I didn’t even care 

When I can’t stand myself 

I split 

Into my roommate and me 

It’s a way for me, you see 

To process the hurt 

I’m inflicting on myself 

How else do you process 

Such a detriment to ones health 

The threat is me 



It’s a trap 

It’s a ploy 

Your a queen of sweet and coy 

But you will not fool me again 

I am hard to live with 

And even harder to please 

So many hang ups 

So many needs 

Im learning to love 

To forgive and to see

The good and the bad 

As it comes and it leaves 

I can’t quit or evict ,

Or pretend to not exist 

So I must face and live and choose to forgive 

Face the music 

Face the madness 

Face the pain and find the happiness 

I hope? 

I continue to persist 


And cope!

This isn’t the end 

I get to decide 

If I will thrive 

Not just live and die.

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