My Black Hole

Have you ever felt

So empty inside of your soul

That you stuff your face in a desperation 

In a mad attempt

To be whole 

To fill a void that cannot

Be filled 

I am a black hole

For attention and love 

Belonging forgiveness 

All of above 

What you give me 

Spirals into the abyss 

A black hole is a region of space time

exhibiting gravitational acceleration so strong that nothing – no particles or electromagnetic

Radiation such as light can escape from it 

Or in simple speak 

A place where gravity has become so strong that nothing can get away from it 

And ohh how that perfectly describes 

My black black soul 

And what is black 


They say it is the absence of light 

An achromatic color without a hue 

Or a concept 

I cannot accept 

the dark anymore 

Who vacuumed up my light 

Clipped my wings and closed

The door

There should be a window 

Opening any minute now 

It is my right to fight 

Till my very last breath 

All I can do is my very best

To defy gravity and finally escape 

This broken tape 

This black black whole 

To cradle in my arms and heal 

My crushed and broken soul. 

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