Mixing Cement

As my heart begins to unfurl

Like the petals of a flower

I am able to experience things

In a way that I couldn’t before.

Light floods my eyes

Exposing all of the flaws in the designs

around me.

I can finally SEE!

All of the beauty,

And all of the ugliness, too.

I am shedding my skin like a snake

The clarity makes

My head pound

I have somehow found respite

Despite the turmoil that surrounds

I am rejecting

All that was

In pursuit of all that will come to be.

My heart weeps for the brokenness

But I will NOT be pulled down

Misery loves company

But it CANNOT have mine.

I am trying to heal

I am fragile, still

and fighting furiously for my solid ground.

I poured the concrete to form the path

Water, air, gravel, sand

And God at the center

1 parts cement

10 parts surrender.

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