Magic Eraser

Erasing parts of you 

Are dangerous 

Because you might lose something

that you might actually need. 

Let’s discuss 

This disgust 

That’s caused 

This rust to form on all your hinges.

An iron oxide – usually red 

Like blood –  

Funny coincidence 

Formed by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture –

I’m curious:

Who or what took your will? 

Your iron will? 

And slowly, 

Over time, 

Made it rust…

And slowly, 

Over time,

Made it erode and break 

And turn to dust, 

Like my resolve to stop these binges –  

These rusty fucking hinges.

So I erase 

The parts I cannot heal, 

Hide the things I don’t want to feel, 

Avoid the things I don’t want to hear 

And slowly but surely 

I disappear.  

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