Artwork, Poetry

Jagged Miracles

Legs crumpled in the back seat

Pencil to paper trace travel 30 km


5 km

Crawl along frozen mountain road

White knuckles white snow


Rolling rubber tires deliver us safely into familiar arms

Country walls ring

Laughter never really fades when it bubbles from the very core

Of connection

Reunions so joyous they rival the mountains

Their beauty

A winter wonderland

Glazed in frosting ice

So still and delicately wrapped around every branch, every stubborn pine needle

A trail flattened by thick boots

Trot 6 in a row through powdered sugar snow

Awash in wonder

The river roars beneath its cracking frozen seal

Our jagged human edges drifting closer

Like the ice

Warmed by love and blood

Surging through blue veins

Celebrating Miracles Of breath, body, mind

And choice

Tiny baby fingers reach and grasp firmly around pulsing human heart

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