In The Beginning

In the beginning god

Created the heavens and the earth 

And it was good 

But what on earth 

Was he thinking wait 

Let’s try again 

More accurately

Im the beginning there was weed 

And it was good 

In the beginning there was weed and cigarettes 

And it was good 

as good as it gets 

And yet 

suddenly it wasn’t the beginning anymore 

And there was weed and cigarettes and alcohol galore 

And still 

That wasn’t enough 

White powder 

Broken trust

Clear liquid 

Naked lust 

Purple smoke 

Magic dust 

What is even real 

Perspectives shift 

In the beginning things made sense 

And now I’m somewhere near the end I guess 

And Im as mad as the hatter 

Clinically insane 

Watching my dreams shatter 

Fall to the floor and clatter 

In the beginning, 

In the beginning –  

I’ve had one too many and the tables are spinning –  

It’s a rat race that no one is winning  –

In the beginning !

The end. 

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