Celebrating Average

I tried SO hard to fit in

That I ended up falling out

I drifted about

In the outside

The outskirts

I defined my worth

Through others eyes

I grew to despise

My existence

I wasn’t living

But watching others live

While I fell through the cracks

Colliding with set backs

Like bumper cars

I resented routine

While craving chaos

Bc I didnt know there was

A chance I could create consistency

For myself

I waved my resiliency

Like a badge of honor

Without putting in the work

To pave the path

To set me up for consistent success

The mundane magic of doing

The same thing

No longer

Expending endless ammounts of energy

Treading envy

And regret

Like water

Today I am one of many

I lean into the crowd

And in doing so I have found

Common humanity,

Familiarity –

I stopped fighting

And the gap closed

I found harmony

How extraordinary

To be ordinary

How awesome to be Average

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