Grief : Part 1


For me 

Is In the beginning  



A giant question mark

Made when my heart grows ears 

To hear

And fists to clench

A        gap 

An empty urgent desperate silence 

It’s a passive violence 

A wasteland upon where I wander

Void of all

Goodness and joy and honor

I am all too aware 

That Something is amiss 

It is hard to resist 

my emotion action- urge 

Find the root of what hurts 

All I feel is expectation 

And anticipation 

Why is it that sadness tastes so much 

Like fear 

In the early stages 

Grief for me 

Begins as a knowing that great pain is coming 

An awareness happens 

As facts collide with my reality 

And I know it is real 

And I know from some things you cannot heal 

But I absolutely cannot deal 

Or accept 

What might become 

What has become 

My sadness

Frantic Expectation

That I cannot outrun.

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