Glimpsing My Future

You are a glimpse at a future 

I don’t want to have 

Your are a giant caution sign on 

The road I am sauntering down 

With my drink in one hand and my dart in the other 

I was flirting with not giving a fuck and you waltzed In not giving a fuck 

And I realized the ugly in the game I’ve been playing 

I finally saw the error in the words

I’ve been saying 

Even the bed I been laying in 

Is compromised 

They say traumatized 

I just idolized 

All the things that would kill me in the end 

My life one big game of playing pretend 

I wrote my good bye letter 

But ill never press send 

I promise I won’t forget what you’ve taught me 

And I don’t regret your memory 

But there is no place for such darkness in my future 

It’s shining so bright I can see it from here 

You made things crystal clear

for me, THANK YOU

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