Finding Mastery

Mastery complex like a puzzle - pictured as word Mastery on a puzzle pieces to show that Mastery can be difficult and needs cooperating pieces that fit together, 3d illustration

I am not used to little by little joy

I am used to sporadic, intense, excitement

Where it feels like every cell in my body

Is spinning in different directions –

Where I am in desperate need of a course correction

I couldnt imagine that I would find possibility

In consistency

& tiny little steps

Insignificant on their own

But together have shown me this:

Practice makes progress

I am no longer striving for perfect

It is like I have unlocked access to a whole new level

I didn’t know existed –

I persisted and I found mastery!

My joy is fuelled by the simple activities

That make up every day

My little by little joy

Has come to stay.

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