Fairy Dust, Too

You think

We fit

Like puzzle pieces 

But what you don’t see is the impossible shape 

I have taken 

So that we can 

Click together 

Compatibility desire affection 

All the pieces are there

And yet how is it fair 

Something is still missing. 

I swear our souls sing in harmony 

To the same song 

And the melody 


Could lure sailors

To their death.

But I won’t be holding my breath 

For us 

Because two broken things 

Don’t make one whole.

You can try as hard as you like 

But if the shoe doesn’t fit 

You can force it, perhaps,

And stumble a few blocks, maybe,

With pinched toes

And blistered heels. 

I don’t know how you can make me feel 

So alive and so crushed at the same time.  

Give me a sign or set me free 

From this heart breaking insanity. 

I don’t want to be your puppet ,

But the angrier you get the more I need to please –  


Cut me loose 

Say goodbye…. 

I was not made for this kind of life 

I lost my skin somewhere along the way and I am vulnerable

And exposed, 

I didn’t try to hide it, 

Because I feel no shame 

I find shelter in the compassion of friendly faces 

And familiar bodies, 

The right person will not see your weakness as an asset. 

I believe in trust and faith and human decency ,

Maybe a little fairy dust too,

Whatever it takes to

just. get. through.

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