Eye Spy

I am on a hunt for beauty

The way and animal stalks its prey.

I am starving for it !

Each new day

Stretches before me

Rich with possibility

I am looking for magnificent

In the ordinary

I want to find what has been missed,

unnoticed or overlooked.

I cannot resist

The urge to proclaim and memorialize

The beauty

RIGHT IN FRONT of my eyes.

All one has to do is


and be.

Your body is equipped with medicine,

Just learn to b r e a t h e. . .

We move to fast to truly see,

What lays ahead.

Beauty is bred

In the eyes of the beholder –

We don’t always get closure

But we are in control of

Our perspective

In the here and now.

Thats what life is about.

I want to take mundane

And make meaningful

It is strategical,

A frame of mind.

I spy with my little eye

The world around me passing by.

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