Encouraging The Weary

Release your breath.

D e e p R e p o s e .

You may not see your progress yet –

Thats how it goes.

You are just a seed

Planted deep.

Plod on weary traveler.

All you have to do is keep

Keeping on.

The dust of many days & nights

Is caked upon your clothes.

A transformation is in progress!

You are in the throes

Of a metamorphosis.

A complete change –

Is what you are undergoing.

Everything you reap

Is because of what you were first sowing.

Great oaks come from acorns growing –

little by little everyday

Hold tight to those horses

You are playing the long game.

I promise It does work

If you just work it.

May you be free from suffering

As you journey on.

May you be happy and healthy

Upon each new day

That finds a way to rise.

May you discover meaning,

I wish you peace,

And ease of being.

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