Counting Blessings Like Sheep

I’m counting my blessings like sheep 

I’m wishing on stars 

And calling it a leap 

Of faith 

The kind that moves mountains. 

In a world full of doubts and 


Moving a mountain is nothing to sneeze at.

It takes 2 

opposing forces to cause tension , 

I am both did I mention 

The moon and all the stars 

Are filled with apprehension. 

Why glow 

When something is clearly so wrong 

With this sirens song.

It’s like a game of spot

The difference

That I’ll never be interested in enough to play. 

I haven’t even entered the race 

And I’m still spinning my wheels 

At least that’s how it feels when the faster you go 

The slower you move.

I sing myself lullabies at night 

If counting blessings doesn’t work.

I cover myself in bandaids and butterfly kisses 

To soothe the days hurt. 

The first thing I do 

Is turn on a song 

And loudly sing along 

As if I can drown out the parts of myself

I haven’t accepted –

Who hasn’t looked in the mirror 

And rejected what’s looking back.

My friends’

Daughter had a cavity 

But she was certain there was some mistake, 

She understood the gravity

of the situation,

“I brush my teeth really well,”

She whispered. 

And I felt in my soul 

The unfairness of this whole damn world

that starts even at the age of four, 

Sitting in a dentist chair.

You can do the right thing 

But that’s no signed guarantee 

That life

Won’t give you lemons. 

So I find myself

Smoking lemon kush 

In a bath foaming with lemonade bath bombs 

Sipping a fresh glass

Of lemonade juice 

With two shots of vodka 

Of course, you can’t force

the universe to be kind, 

you can choose to find the good.

You don’t have to dig too deep

Just count those blessings like you would count sheep.

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