Consumer Beware

There are those who produce

And those who consume,

Most people do a bit of both.

It is important for growth

To know who you surround yourself with.

Life is a gift,

Do you want to be around

people who tear you down?

Or lift you up?

A consumer brings very little

To the table,

They are often able to consume

Inside of the costume

Of a producer.

Consumers have the ability to contribute –

But only when it is beneficial to themselves.

There is a wealth of people with this frame of mind.

I am trying to see this reality in a different light.

You only care about my joy and success

If there is something you recieve.

I am learning to have boundaries and leave

When I am at risk.

Ignorance is not always bliss,

Accept this,

And start to protect yourself.

Identify and recognize

The consumers in your life.

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